What can we learn from other markets?

The last few months have shown in graphic detail the impact of wholesale energy market swings. As we watch from the US, with the recent memories of the ERCOT crisis of earlier this year still fresh in our minds, the latest recipient of a market altering change, is the United Kingdom, a market, until this […]

Renewables – The Future

With governmental incentivization, the march towards a more renewables-based energy mix is now inevitable and underway. Opportunities for businesses to create solutions and products for this marketplace are abundant and new businesses are springing up with the speed and agility. Using the Electric Vehicle as an example, early adopters were keen to switch to renewables […]

Smoothing the Grid

South Australia has been notorious for extreme volatility in electricity pricing, and as the recent experience in Texas with the Epcot issues, any grid can experience this volatility in moments of unusual events. Part of the solution to the problem the Australians face, has been to implement the Hornsdale Power Reserve (AKA Tesla Big Battery), […]

The Great Lift and Shift

It’s only going up! Figures show that in August in Norway (the leading nation globally, in electric vehicle adoption), fully electric vehicle sales reached a staggering 72% of the market. If you consider plug-in hybrid variants, that number jumps to an eye watering 92% market share for electric vehicles. Norway is a minnow in car […]