Unpacking the Carbon Credit Market Pt 1

Global carbon markets continue to grow at a rapid pace as companies set aggressive net-zero emissions goals. For the fourth year in a row, the total value of global carbon markets grew by more than 20 percent. In addition, the compliance carbon market value reached over $100 billion with an annual trading turnover of over […]

How Corporations are Driving Renewable Energy Adoption Pt2

How Corporations Power Renewable Adoption  Companies are using a variety of ways that are driving renewable energy adoption. These include using power purchase agreements, generating, purchasing, and selling carbon offsets, and funding renewable energy adoption across their supply chains. All these methods power the transition to clean energy for corporations.  Power Purchase Agreements Power purchase […]

How Corporations are Driving Renewable Energy Adoption Pt1

Corporations are at the forefront of powering renewable energy adoption. In 2021, corporations purchased a record 31.1 gigawatts of clean energy, up nearly 24% from the previous year. Over 65% of those purchases came from United States corporations and 50% of those companies were large technology companies.  Companies face increased pressure from investors, consumers, and […]

Improving Stability in the Renewable Energy Technology Supply Chain Pt 2  – Improving Stability

Methods to Improve Stability  The stability of production and processing of minerals is an important factor in driving renewable technology adoption. Reducing potential price volatility will improve the affordability of products and drive additional adoption as people and companies transition to renewables.  Recycling Technology  Lithium-ion batteries are an absolute necessity for EVs and consumer, commercial, […]

Improving Stability in the Renewable Energy Technology Supply Chain Pt 1 – The Supply Chain

The energy and oil crises highlighted key vulnerabilities in the global supply chain. These were caused by many factors including extreme weather and geopolitical events. It showed the importance of the global adoption of renewable energy to reduce fossil fuel reliance. In order to make this a reality, steps must be taken to develop a […]

The European Energy Crisis

The European Union is in the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis. It has led to a massive spike in natural-gas futures price and the effects are rippling across global markets as policymakers scramble to find potential solutions.  In the United States, liquid natural gas producers may be major beneficiaries of the energy crisis. As […]

How Batteries Will Power a More Stable Power Grid Pt 2

Microgrids and Decentralizing Power Grids  The current centralized power grid leads to power outages that affect large populations. In 2018, Hurricane Maria left over 1.5 million people without power for 11 months in Puerto Rico. In 2021, the Texas power outage left 4.5 million people without power for days.  Renewable energy sources paired with BESS […]

How Batteries Will Power a More Stable Power Grid Pt 1

Renewable energy is a key to developing more resilient and stable power grids. Energy crises are becoming more prevalent as extreme weather and increasing energy demands place more stress on power grids. These outages have led the U.S. economy to lose over $150 billion annually according to a Department of Energy study. In 2021, the […]

What’s powering renewable energy adoption? 3/3

Powering Utility-Scale Energy Storage  Rolling blackouts are a reality for many people in states like California and Texas. When demand for energy is high, such as during extreme temperatures, power grids are placed under immense stress which may lead to rolling blackouts.  As the adoption of EVs continues to scale, power grids will endure more […]

What’s powering renewable energy adoption? Part 2/3

Powering Electric Vehicle Adoption Since Tesla popularized electric vehicles, consumers consistently cited affordability, range and charging station infrastructure as reasons they may not purchase an EV. A 2020 survey by Consumer Reports found 71% of respondents would consider buying an EV at some point in the future but many wanted an EV that could travel […]