Past, present and future behavioral analytics

Move beyond what happened yesterday and start planning for tomorrow

Introducing Kelvin

Cloud based Intelligence & Analytics designed to meet the needs of Retail Energy Providers, the right data, available when and wherever you need it to make informed decisions.


Data Platform

A unique dataset that enables Retail Energy Providers to be able to optimize and manage their energy strategies.


Insight, access and controls over key metrics such as margin, pricing, leverage ratios, customer usage, cash flow projections and much more

Predictive Intelligence

Using V3’s Predictive Intelligence, born out of our hedging history, see forward as well as back.

Data Integration

Upload your own data and merge within your Kelvin instance, to create a single go to hub for all intelligence.


See industry wide trends so you can benchmark your own performance.

The first time predictive intelligence has been baked into a Retail Energy Providers day to day life.

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Forecast errors

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Reduction of CF projection variance

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increase through focus on product and region

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