Energy Upgraded

Powering the next generation of Retail Energy with technology, finance and services


Raise Capital to drive growth. Managing Risk to drive the bottom line. V3 has the solution.


Predictive analysis of Consumer behavior and Market trends. Insight into past, present and future.

The first and only provider of Capital coupled with robust Technology in the Energy sector. Capture data driven opportunities in Retail Energy, Distributed Generation and Storage.

Financial Services


Providing asset-backed credit to support commodity purchases, collateral postings and marketing and acquisition costs.


Capital deployment for growth, targeting book acquisitions and marketing programs to enable our Retail clients to reach a wider consumer base.

Managing Retailer Risk

We provide retailers with pricing, hedging services and access to market opportunities.


Meet KELVIN, our Retailer Web App, providing insight, access and controls over key metrics such as margin, pricing, leverage ratios, customer usage, cash flow projections and much more. Putting the SMART into energy supply relationships.
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Increased Client Margins by 20%
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Accelerated growth by 30%

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Expanded market penetration by 40%